The Minneapolis Tornadoes, May 6, 1965 Notes on the Warning Process

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Disaster Research Center
The following paper focuses on the warnings given in Minneapolis, st. Paul on the night of May 4, 1965, when a series of destructive tornadoes struck down in the northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities. The data on which this paper is based were collected by DRC field teams in the course of three trips to the Minneapolis area. This data includes several dozen tape-recorded interviews together with additional written and recorded information from a score or more of Twin Cities organizations, and some 400 letters from residents of the area to the Minnesota State Civil Defense describing the manner in which they were alerted of the tornadoes and their responses to those alerts. Included in organizational data are a set of logs, schedule and broadcast recordings from a dozen or so radio and TV stations in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Included in the organizational data are a set of logs, schedules
Minneapolis Tornadoes, Warning Process, Civil Defense, Weather Bureau, Radio Stations