Chicano Art and Beyond: John Valadez and the Effects of Montage

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Latin American Studies Program, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
The work of John Valadez, a major figure in the Chicano art movement, eludes traditional classification. Enhanced by his social-political concerns, his work extends from local (Chicano and Californian) to international. I argue that viewing his work simply as Chicano art is too limiting. While his early works generated strong messages about the challenges facing Mexican-Americans following the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, his more recent work, with its emphasis on montage, extends to address ideas of global importance. In creating works that can be understood universally, Valadez making us aware of our shared pleasures and anxieties.
I am grateful for the generous collaboration of the noted artist, John Valadez, and the archives of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. Special thanks to George Dexter, Jr., for editorial support, and to the anonymous readers, for thought provoking comments.
Chicano Art, John Valadez, Latin America, California, Montage, Allegory