Activity of (-) Astrogorgiadiol

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University of Delaware
(-) Astrogorgiadiol, a naturally occurring analog of calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) isolated from the Japanese marine sponge Astrogorgia, has demonstrated unique biological functions. In an effort to study these functions, synthetic routes for obtaining (-) astrogorgiadiol were constructed in 2001 by Dr. Taber and Dr. Malcolm. This thesis reports the several efforts made to increase the cost-effectiveness and productivity of synthetic routes leading to (-) astrogorgiadiol. While pursuing more cost-effective and productive means to synthesize (-) astrogorgiadiol, several milligrams of the compound were obtained and used for biological study. The question that was proposed and investigated was, “What effects does (-) astrogorgiadiol elicit on cancer cells?” To begin gathering data to answer this question, several in-vitro assays were conducted on various cell lines. First, the LD50/ED50 for (-) astrogorgiadiol was determined utilizing two bone cancer cell lines. Then utilizing the LD50/ED50 concentration, cells were exposed to (-) astrogorgiadiol and expression studies were pursued on Osteopontin (OPN), a glycoprotein known for its over-expression in various cancers.
(-) astrogorgiadiol, synthetic production, cancel cells, LD50/ED50, Osteopontin, OPN