1999 Delaware KIDS COUNT/Families Count Fact Book

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University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service, Newark, DE
In this our fifth annual profile of Delaware's children, KIDS COUNT in Delaware Fact Boots 1999, we look at some of the greatest challenges in the lives of our children and youth, aiming to create a holistic view of how children are faring in Delaware. Of course many of Delaware's children are bom healthy, succeed in school, and become happy and productive adults. Most of Delaware's children are surviving but one in seven hves in poverty. We want more for our kids that just survival; we want them all to thrive, with a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. This fact hook draws attention to the inequality that exists for our state's children, some of whom face seemingly insurmountable barriers to success.
Prenatal care, Infant mortality, Immunizations, Asthma, Child deaths, Health insurance, Insurance, STDs, Underage drinking, Substance abuse, Tobacco, Student achivement, Child poverty, Poverty, Single parenthood, Health care, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Unemployment, Crime
Kids Count in Delaware/Families Count in Delaware Fact Book. (1999). Newark, DE: Kids Count in Delaware.