The Quality of Health Care in Delaware: What Delawareans Say About Their Healthcare Experience

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The purpose of this report is to illustrate how Delawareans rate various health care providers and report on their specific experiences with the health care system—presenting summary results from the 2003 Delaware CAHPS study. The CAHPS survey instrument is a useful guide to policymakers seeking to improve both Delaware’s health plans and the health care providers deliver to patients. It is the intent of this report to supply the relevant stakeholders and policymakers with objective, experience-based information regarding the quality of health care provided in Delaware. Equipped with three years of survey data (2001-2003), we generate comparisons of Delaware to national data benchmarks. We also discuss overall ratings and experiences with care within Delaware, health plan enrollment characteristics, and differences across plan types and regions.
health, health care, healthcare, quality, survey, Delaware, CAHPS