KIDS COUNT in Delaware Data to Action Series: September 2021 Exploring Delaware's My Health Community Database

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University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service, Newark, DE
KIDS COUNT in Delaware published a brief to supplement the first webinar in our "Data to Action" series, which took place in September 2021. Focused on Delaware's My Healthy Community Dashboard, the brief explores the how the tool features a COVID-19 Section (with a special feature exploring School COVID-19 Case Data) and a general Population Health Section. The text then wraps up with a dive into the Social Vulnerability Index, another facet of the Dashboard, and finally with a description of data protection policies the website employs. Delaware's My Healthy Community Dashboard provides the most up-to-date COVID-19 information in the state and serves to inform decisions for schools, workplaces, and families.
Youth in Delaware, Delaware, COVID-19, Social Determinants of Health, Indicator Data