Stratigraphic Nomenclature Of Nonmarine Cretaceous Rocks Of Inner Margin Of Coastal Plain In Delaware And Adjacent States

Jordan, R.R.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
Rocks of Cretaceous age deposited in continental and marginal environments, and now found along the inner edge of the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain, have historically been classified as the Potomac Group and the Potomac, Patuxent, Arundel, Patapsco, Raritan, and Magothy formations. Subdivisions of the Raritan and Magothy formations have also been recognized. Lithologic characteristics and spatial relationships of the units indicate that only the Potomac Formation and the Magothy Formation can be differentiated in northern Delaware. The complex nonmarine deposits originated on an aggrading coastal plain. Their projections into the deeper subsurface on- and offshore will be important in future studies. No changes in terminology are recommended, but careful use of stratigraphic nomenclature is urged in order to avoid confusion, especially in hydrologic applications.
Potomac Group , Potomac formation , Patuxent formation , Arundel formation , Patapsco formation , Raritan formation , Magothy formation , nonmarine deposits , lithologic characteristics , northern Atlantic Coastal Plain