Evaluation of Delaware's Reading First Initiative: Teachers' Use of SBRR Practices

Grusenmeyer, Linda
Sweetman, Heidi
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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
In its application for the federal Reading First Grant, the Delaware Department of Education proposed the following questions to evaluate particular project goals. When combined with other components of the evaluation plan, these may provide a detailed look at the program’s impact at the student, classroom, and system levels. • Did Reading First classrooms implement high-quality scientifically based reading research programs that include instructional content based on the five essential components of reading? • Did Reading First classrooms implement instructional designs that include explicit instructional strategies, coordinated instructional sequences, ample practice opportunities, aligned student materials, ongoing assessment, small, flexible groups and dedicated blocks of reading time? • What changes in the teachers’ reading pedagogy are evident? What is the structure of the reading lesson? How is the classroom set up? How are students grouped?
SBRR , Reading First