Disaster Recovery: Comments On The Literature And A Mostly Annotated Bibliography*

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
What is meant by recovery from disaster? Actually the phenomena has not been well conceptualized. In fact, there is not even much agreement on the term, word or label to use. Thus, recovery, reconstruction, restoration, among other words or labels which are used, do not quite seem to be always pointing to the same thing. Those that use reconstruction seem to stress the physical aspects of a postdisaster situation, but for social scientists that probably is not the important dimension to consider. Restoration appears to be a statement about going back to previous patterns, which however most would think should be a matter of empirical determination, not of definition. The term recovery often seems to be imply that everything worked out fine after the disaster, but this too should be a matter of research and not of definition.
Disaster Recovery , Research Evidence Literature , Bibliography