Disaster Studies And Planning: Final Report

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
This final report summarizes the work done, and the various analyses undertaken by DRC during the course of this research especially in the years 1972-1975. The first chapter briefly outlines the objectives of the work undertaken, and the degree to which these objectives were attained. Chapter two summarizes the methodology used and the data obtained for each of the six objectives. In the next chapter, the research accomplishments are noted with particular emphasis on the work which had not been previously reported in documents produced by our work. Some conclusions and recommendations are contained in chapter four. An appendix provides copies of some of the field instruments used. It is important to note that in this report, the findings and conclusions were drawn from field data gathered no later than 1974. They do not necessarily reflect the conditions and circumstances since that time or currently existent. The report should, therefore, be read with that qualification in mind.
Disaster Studies Planning , Local Civil Defense , EOC