Report on Japan-United States Seminar on Organizational and Community Responses to Disaster

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
Since the end of World War XI, social science research into natural disasters has emerged as a field of study. The bulk of this research is concentrated in two countries: Japan and the United States. Several years ago, initial contact was made between the two major groups involved, the Japanese scientists working with Prof. Kitao Abe of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the American scientists working at the Disaster Research Center at The Ohio State University where Prof. E.L. Quarantelli is Co-Director. The result of the first contacts between Prof. Abe and Prof. Quarantelli led to an effort to exchange information about past research in both countries and a desire to see if joint or cooperative research could be undertaken in the future. The conclusion from these early contacts was that a common meeting of American and Japanese scientists would be a very fruitful way to synthesize past research and to plan future research. Consequently, support was sought and obtained from the National. Science Foundation and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, to hold a five day seminar at the Disaster Research Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio of the major social scientists in both countries engaged in disaster research. This paper summarizes the themes and conclusions of that seminar meeting held from September 11 to September 15, 1972.
cross-cultural research , community associations , community responses , organizational responses , Japan-United States seminar