Citizen Groups And Hazardous Waste: Their Careers And Conditions For Emergence

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
Several years ago, the Disaster Research Center (DRC) initiated and undertook an extensive sociological study of community based citizen groups which emerged either to prepare for and/or recover from actual disasters and potential threats. The research extended over a four-year period and focused on local citizen groups who came into being outside of any immediate emergency period and who were oriented to a full range of hazards from floods and hurricanes to nuclear and chemical plants and hazardous waste sites. In-depth interviewing was undertaken of members of over 50 such groups around the United States. Local organizational and community statistical and documentary data were also collected to supplement the interview data. A telephone follow up survey of selected members was undertaken a year after the groups were first studied.
Citizen Groups , Hazardous Waste , Documentary Data