Hydrologic Optics. Volume 2. Foundations

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Honolulu : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Research Laboratories, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
This second volume of a set of six volumes of the text on hydrologic optics deals with foundations: radiometric and photometric concepts and the interaction principle. Detailed treatment is given on: radiant flux; the meaning and fundamental geometric properties of radiant flux; irradiance and radiant emittance; radiance; an invariance property of radiance; scalar irradiance, radiant energy, and related concepts; vector irradiance; radiant intensity; polarized radiance; transition from radiometry to photometry; generalized photometries; the interaction principle; reflectance and transmittance operators for surfaces; applications to plane surfaces; applications to curved surfaces; reflectance and transmittance operators for plane-parallel media; applications to plane-parallel media; interaction operators for general spaces; applications to general spaces; derivation of the beam transmittance function; derivation of the volume attenuation function; derivation of path radiance and path function; derivation of apparent-radiance equation; derivation of volume scattering function; equation of transfer for radiance; integral structure of the interaction operators and summary of the interaction method. (OEIS)
Reflectance, Hydrologic optics, Photoelectric effects, Scalar irradiance, Transmittance, Underwater light