Disaster and Organizational Change in Anchorage

Author(s)Anderson, William A.
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Publication Date1966-11
DescriptionIn this paper, we will report the findings of a study which considered the long-term changes undergone by a selected number of organizations in Anchorage, Alaska following the March 27, 1964 earthquake. The study involved acquiring data which would provide answers to the following questions: (1) What were the long-term orgnanizational adjustments that occurred following the earthquake? In other words, a description of the long-term consequences of the disaster for certain selected organizations was sought. (2) What was the nature of such modifications? For example, had they been anticipated prior to the disasters? (3) How can we best account for the observed changes? And (4) How can the absence of change in some organizations be explained.en
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TitleDisaster and Organizational Change in Anchorageen
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