Newark, DE - 1862 Internal Revenue Assessment

In 1862 a tax was enacted through an Executive Order on Aug 11, 1862 in order "to provide Internal Revenue to support the Government and to pay interest on the Public Debt". Individuals with an income of over $600 were liable to be taxed. In addition, stamp taxes were assessed for various types of business licenses. Finally, there were taxes assessed on various enumerated items. The following list shows this data for the residents of Newark.

License Type
Enumerated Articles
1 Armstrong, James retail dealer/manuf. Saddlery
2 Armstrong, James H retail dealer/liquor
3 Baldwin, Joseph M pedlar butcher
4 Baldwin, William retail dealer/liquor
5 Blandy, Charles & Bro manufactory & foundry 1 carriage
6 Bradley, Francis pedlar butcher
7 Bradley, George W retail dealer
8 Bullen, Harry hotel keeper/retail liquor
9 Caulk, Benjamin apothecary
10 Choate, J.W. & O.L. retail dealer
11 Choate, S.R. retail dealer
12 Clarke, Nathan H physician
13 Collins, Edward retail dealer
14 DeHaven, Davis W hotel keeper/retail liquor 2 horse hackney carriage
15 Evans, George G retail dealer 130 oz silver plate
16 Evans, John W
17 Finley, Samuel C manufactory - wood 1 carriage
18 Haines, E.W. dentist
19 Herdman, Benjamin F hotel keeper/retail liquor
20 Jones, Theophilus K retail dealer
21 Kennedy, John retail dealer
22 Lowber,  Alex physician
23 Miller, John 1 carriage
24 Porter, Edward D 1 carriage
25 Pritchard, Israel manufactory - blacksmith
26 Rambo, Rathmill W retail dealer
27 Ray, James H commercial broker
28 Reynolds, William & Co retail dealer
29 Sawdon, Francis pedlar butcher
30 Searce, Benjamin C. hotel keeper/retail liquor
31 Williamson, J.F. retail dealer 1 carriage
32 Wilson, Edward 1 carriage
33 Wilson, Rathmell 405 oz silver plate, 1 two horse carriage
34 Wilson, Thomas B 1 carriage
35 Wilson, William M retail dealer
36 Wright, Samuel B manufactory - iron

Compiled and Edited: Richard E. Stevens, University of Delaware

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