Mosquitoes, Marsh-Elders, and Multimedia: A Prototype for Interactive Plant Interpretation at Assateague Island Nat'l Seashore

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University of Delaware
The question: What do mosquitoes, Marsh-elders, and multimedia have to do with each other? The answer: All three will influence the visitor’s experience of the National Seashore. One-quarter of the Assateague Island’s 800,000 visitors come to the current Visitor Center but only 2% of them attend ranger programs explaining the plant and animal life on the island. During my thesis project I worked very closely with the interpretive staff at Assateague Island National Seashore to develop a preliminary prototype for interactive plant interpretation for the new Barrier Island Visitor Center at Assateague Island National Seashore in Berlin, Maryland. My project included: research and writing of content material, design of hierarchial branching structure for division of information, development of database format, and suggestions for features to be included in the overall multimedia program. This prototype will be used to create other phases of the program dealing with the Island’s animals, birds, insects, and shellfish.
Technology, Visitor experience, Interpretation, Exhibits, Interactive