The economic impact of a public garden on its community: a case study of Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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University of Delaware
The aesthetic and educational roles played by public gardens have long been recognized. Less recognized and less obvious is the important economic role they play as well in their communities. This role includes supporting local businesses, employing local residents, positively influencing property values, and contributing to a community's quality of life. ☐ A study of Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, documented the economic impact of a public garden on its community. An input-output analysis of the Allegheny County economy showed that Phipps created 102 jobs and $3 million in business volume in the county in 1983. An additional benefit is Phipps Conservatory's contribution to the area's high quality of life. ☐ While these identified effects may not be large compared to many industries in Allegheny County, they indicate that significant change in operational and visitor expenditures related to Phipps would have perceptible effects on employment, income, business volume and the quality of life in Allegheny County. (Abstract from ProQuest citation page.)
Financial management, Economic impact, Economics, Fundraising