Three Case Studies Of Organized Responses to Chemical Disasters

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Disaster Research Center
This report focuses on the actual state of emergency response to acute chemical hazards.As such, planners and operational personnel may find that the situations depicted in the following case studies would resemble the ones they would face in similar circumstances. There is no vision here of an ideal situation. Instead, the following chapters describe response-related emergency events which transpired in three communities upon experiencing an actual chemical disaster. The purpose of this publication is to provide a picture of the complexities involved in local disaster operations and the means by which community uncertainties. The report is written in an effort to porvide readers a "cookbook" approach to hazardous chemical response, That is, it is not a step-by-step algorithm or field manual to which responders can refer in the event of a dangerous chemical incident. Rather, it is a descriptive report aimed at illuminating aspects of disaster response traditionally ignored in the more technically-oriented body of literature.
Organized Responses, Chemical Disasters, Minutilli Fire, Mississauga, Canada, Train Derailment