Adult attachment, conflict style, and relationship satisfaction: a comprehensive model

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University of Delaware
The purpose of this study was to create a comprehensive model integrating adult attachment style, conflict style, and relationship satisfaction. The research sought to determine if adult attachment acted as a predictor of conflict style and if attachment style, mediated by conflict style, influenced relationship satisfaction. ☐ Three hundred and twenty one undergraduate students in romantic relationships (n = 321) completed questionnaires measuring attachment style, relational conflict style, and relationship satisfaction. Results indicated that highly avoidant individuals are more likely to engage in hostile relational conflict with their partners and feel significantly less satisfaction from their adult romantic relationships than their non-avoidant counterparts. Data also suggested that avoidance and hostility may be more influential on relationship satisfaction levels than anxiety and validation ☐ The model in the current study compliments romantic conflict research by offering a predictor for conflict styles in dating relationships and illustrating the influence of both attachment style and conflict style on romantic relationship satisfaction.