[Moffat, Jay Pierrepont], Washington. To G.S. Messersmith, Vienna.

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University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press
All letters received in reasonably shorttime; agrees that confidential dispatches and personal letters should not be sent through regular post; great merit of Messersmith's letters is their frankness, but if one of them fell into wrong hands it would cause embarrassment; FA [Division of Foreign Service Administration] has not yet increased allotment for pouch service from Vienna, but shall point out that increase is justified; Lilla [Mrs. J. P. Moffat] and children spent summer in Japan with her parents [Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph C. Grew] but are due back Oct. 1; [Auguste] Rosso, Italian Ambassador just returned to Washington from leave of absence, believes situation in Europe slightly improved because of better Franco-Italian relations and fact that Italy took prompt action on July 25; pressure on part of relatives of Mrs. [Erhardt] Hammerand to intervene in her case; whatever the merits of the case, too severe punishment would have unfortunate repercussions in America; Herbert Feis has told of his visit with Messersmith; seemed delighted that Gardner Richardson had been reassigned as Commercial Attaché in Vienna; letter describing conversation with German industrialist most interesting; Secretary [Cordell Hull] took most of Messersmith's letters to Atlantic City where he went to recuperate; gloom in New York in banking - brokerage circles due to new stock exchange bills; Maine elected Democratic Governor and two Democratic Congressmen; the one hope of the country is to support the President and the New Deal; strike continues normal course, but no cause for panic.
Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.