Studies in Disaster Response and Planning

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Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
Under the general rubric of disaster studies and planning, the Disaster Research Center (DRC) of the Ohio State University conducted a series of studies for the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (formerly the office of Civil Defense) from 1972 through 1978 with most of the actual work being done during 1972-1975. Three major pieces of work were undertaken: (1) a study of the role of local civil defense in disaster planning; (2) a study of the use of local Emergency Operating Centers (EOCs) in disasters; (3) a study of the implementation of disaster planning. Different sets of data and field operations were used to obtain information for the studies. For the first study most of the data was derived from research in 12 communities around the country. Data for the other two pieces of research was collected from 14 new field studies as well as by reexamining previously collected data in the DRC files. In general, it was found that under appropriate circumstances local civil defense offices can play important roles in local community disaster planning. The value and importance of local EOCs in disasters was also confirmed although there are a number of problems associated with the use of such facilities. Finally, many of the conditions which facilitate the implementation of community disaster planning were ascertained. The first chapter of the report outlines the objectives of the work undertaken. objective. In the third chapter the research accomplishments are detailed with particular emphasis on research which had not been previously reported in earlier documents produced by the work. Some conclusions and recommendations are contained in chapter four. An appendix provides copies of some of the field instruments used.
Studies, Disaster Response, Planning, Civil Defense, Emergency Services