A History of Agriculture at Longwood Farms, 1906-1951

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University of Delaware
Proper research, documentation, and dissemination of historical information is essential to understanding the basis and future direction of any landmark institution. In the case of Pierre S. du Pont's Longwood Gardens, research has traditionally focused on the physical development of the house and gardens, the conservatories, the fountains and on the performing arts in the garden. Very little information has been collected to link the garden to land acquisitions procured primarily to support farming operations which sustained the developing estate and garden. The primary purpose of this thesis research is to locate and document information concerning the land acquisitions and agricultural activity at the country estate of Pierre S. du Pont between 1906-1951. The information obtained through this research will provide an understanding of the development of the estate and also provide insight and impetus for future research.
History- public garden, Agriculture, History- Longwood Gardens, Longwood Gardens