Environmental Crises

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This report consists of three different parts. Part A reports certain aspects of research which was done in four Ohio communities. The leadership pool within each of these communities was asked to consider water resource problems in the context of other problems within their community. The study indicated that, even in communities with objective problems, water resourceproblems had low urgency. Part B presents a paper based on the research reported on in Part A. This report was presented at the North American Water Resource Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada in October 1970 and was published in the Water Resources Bulletin 7, no. 4 (August 1971): 644-651. Part C presents a paper which was delivered at the Second Annual Water Resources Colliquium "Social Sciences in Water Resources Research," June 1968 at Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa. and was published as part of the Proceedings, Information Report No. 57.
Environmental Crises, Water Problems, Communities