Messersmith, G.S., Havana. To Sumner Welles, Washington.

Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.
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Special Collections, University of Delaware Library
2 copies. Reports on conversation with [José Manuel] Cortina; on resignation of Ambassador [Pedro] Martinez Fraga, Cortina said it "was a purely internal matter between the Cuban Government and the Ambassador"; gathered that resignation not voluntary; Batista unhappy about progress of loan negotiations in Washington and realizes Martinez Fraga had misinformed him; Cortina unhappy also with manner in which Martinez Fraga sidetracked Cuban Foreign Office; Cortina mentioned memorandum handed to Cuban delegation in Washington and said it was impossible to place such conditions and impose such a time schedule; he said Batista wished to give Cuba a good, honest well-ordered administration and given strength and prestige he would do it; Cortina suggested negotiations better be carried on between himself and Welles, with Messersmith as intermediary; he doesn't realize other U.S. Departments than State concerned in negotiations; Cortina intelligent, and friendly toward U.S., but very emotional, very voluble, and not very practical.
Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.