Report on situation in Germany by unidentified author.

Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.
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Special Collections, University of Delaware Library
2 copies. Enclosed with No. 1415. Entire military and political machine of Germany rests on person of Hitler; Hitler anxious to make peace; he would like to consolidate Europe into one economic bloc under German leadership; England the one obstacle, withstanding the constant bombings and sending her own bombers nightly to Berlin; morale of German population low; they had believed war would be over by Christmas, but now realize it may last a long time; plans now underway for further conduct of war; Germany will attempt to eliminate Great Britain from Mediterranean; if Gibraltar is seized or Strait controlled by German guns on Spanish owned Tangier and Suez attacked and damaged, British Mediterranean fleet would be bottled up; conquest of Egypt followed by conquest of all North Africa would give Hitler access to raw materials of all kinds;growing pressure of British air attacks on German cities and industrial centers causing concern; limited damage done, but nightly raids have affected morale and working capacity of civilian population; Germany also has problem of maintaining flow of petroleum supplies; greatest obstacle for Germany is winning support and cooperation of conquered peoples; widespread desire of German people to end war and even of Nazi officials to enjoy their prey in peace; no one in Germany starving, but life very difficult, with many necessities unobtainable; increasing air attacks by British with increasing American aid may force Germany to seek early peace in which she will be prepared to make concessions; imperative for America to maintain Great Britain as balance against European bloc under German control.
Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.