Messersmith, G.S., Havana. To Cordell Hull, Washington.

Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.
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Special Collections, University of Delaware Library
Enclosures: See Nos. 1324, 1325, & 1331. Happy that Trade Agreements Act has been extended for three-year period; compliments Hull for work he has done seeing legislation through; trying to show Cuban Government and people in political life importance of adopting Constitution which will be basis for reestablishing confidence and financial stability; working hard on Public Works debts and prospects for settlement of claims good; thinks it would be very unwise for U.S. to cut Cuban sugar quota for next year; enclosing copies of two memoranda sent by [Marcell William] Fodor, foreign correspondent for Chicago Daily News, and one memorandum from American banker of German origin who has good contacts in Germany and is well informed; comfortably settled in home now; opening bids today for new residence.
Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.