Disaster and Development, Again

Dynes, Russell R.
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Disaster Research Center
The issue here is the relationship between disaster and development. In part, the focus of interest is on how the development process is affected by disaster. This is important since many countries trying to implement development goals are also locations which are hazard prone. In such circumstances, disaster may present obstacles to development. There is also the implication that disaster has more serious effects in less developed nation states and may absorb resources necessary for development. Too, delays in recovery might affect “progress” in development. Such concerns are motivation for understanding how development might be protected from the effects of disaster or how disaster assistance, especially international aid, might be incorporated into the development process. A major problem has been that two separate literatures have developed. The first literature has attempted to understand disaster and has given little attention to understanding the development process. The second literature has involved understanding the political economy and alternative conceptions of development which has arisen quite independently of considerations of disaster. The effort here is to look at both streams of literature on the relationship of disaster and development.
disaster , development , international aid