A Regulationist Approach To The Occupational Status Of Navigation Officers In The U.S. Merchant Marine

Kendra, James M.
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Disaster Research Center
Regulation theorists are concerned with the economic manifestations of social factors such as attitudes and norms that at first appear to be unrelated to economic activity. These forces interact to influence the fortunes of industries and regions. While typically the regulationist approach is applied to place-specific processes of change, the perspective can also profitably be applied to industries that are not place-specific. Using merchant shipping as an illustrative case, the paper begins with a broad overview of regulationist principles and then applies them specifically to technological and organizational changes that are occurring in the marine workplace. It then discusses the role of merchant officers in that industry and the effects of technological change on the organization and character of their work. The paper will show how the regulationist approach evokes a richer theoretical understanding of change in the workplace and, in so doing, will expand understanding of the mode of social regulation.
regulation theory , Merchant Officers , professionalism , governance