Building Community Partnerships Toward A National Mitigation Effort: Interorganizational Collaboration In the Project Impact Initiative

Wachtendorf, Tricia
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Disaster Research Center
In 1997, the Federal Emergency Management Agency implemented a national disaster mitigation program in seven pilot communities across the United States. This initiative, Project Impact, was soon expanded to over two hundred city, county, and regional designations. Its objectives include 1) to build community partnerships; 2) to identify hazards and community vulnerability; 3) to prioritize and complete risk reduction actions; and 4) to develop communication strategies to educate the public about Project Impact. Based on an analysis of one hundred thirty-seven in-depth telephone and face-to-face interviews, community sites visits, seven focus groups, and an extensive analysis of documentary material compiled as part of an ongoing, independent assessment of the initiative’s implementation process, this paper closely examines the first objective - community partnership building - and discusses the issues and challenges involved in establishing such relationships under this program.
Disaster Mitigation Program , Project Impact , communication , hazard , community , risk