Messersmith, G.S., Vienna. To James Clement Dunn, Washington.

Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.
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Special Collections, University of Delaware Library
Enclosure: See No. 687. Press reports about appointment of [William] Phillips to Rome not clear; gathers appointment temporary; supposes Phillips not averse to tour of duty in the field, but hopes he will return to Department where he has rendered tremendous service; according to press [Breckinridge] Long has resigned; hopes when he recovers from operation he will return to Service; Heidelberg celebration a fiasco; enclosing translation of article from Neues Wiener Abendblatt; Prof. [Joseph Alexander] Leighton, distinguished professor of Philosophy, recently spent several weeks in Germany, found situation in German universities so depressing he cut short his stay; Jews have finally been excluded from Berlin Rotary Club; will probably lead to exclusion of German Rotary from Rotary International, a further link with outside world cut off; death of [Bernhard Wilhelm von] Bülow came as surprise; comparatively young and apparently in good health until he caught pneumonia; not a Nazi, but ardently pan-German, a hard man difficult to deal with, his passing will make little difference in Foreign Office; some probability that [Hans Heinrich] Dieckoff will replace him; has heard [Ludwig] Grauert to retire from Ministry of Interior; Grauert only half Nazi but devoted to [Hermann] Goering; enjoying delightful weather, and garden at residence is relief; convinced purchase of residence was wise move.
Messersmith, George S. (George Strausser), 1883-1960.