Cross-Border Issues in Disaster Response

Wachtendorf, Tricia
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Disaster Research Center
Natural disasters generally do not respect political boundaries, however, emergency management is usually organized by political jurisdiction. This presents significant challenges to coordinating an effective response on a regional basis. It is usually difficult enough to coordinate activities between local jurisdictions, but when an international border is involved, the challenge may become even greater. Our August Workshop looked at some of these issues. First, Tricia Wachtendorf, a Manitoba resident and doctoral candidate at the University of Delaware shared her research findings from her recently completed study "A River Runs Through It: Cross-Border Interaction During The 1997 Red River Flood." The second half of the workshop, Cheryl Moate, Acting Executive Coordinator for the Manitoba Emergency Management Organization, introduced an institutional framework for addressing these issues, the Prairie Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee (PREMAC), organized under a bilateral agreement between the two nations.
disaster response , emergency response , cross-border issues