Individual and Organizational Response to Natural Disasters and Other Crisis Events: The Continuing Value of the DRC Typology

Webb, Gary R.
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Disaster Research Center
This paper is being written for a special session honoring Russell R. Dynes and E.L. Quarantelli, two distinguished scholars whose intellectual contributions have profoundly shaped the area known as the sociology of disasters. With the theme of honoring their contributions in mind, I have two objectives in this paper: first, to use one facet of my own research as a specific example of how Dynes and Quarantelli’s early contributions continue to be useful in framing research questions today; and second, to talk more generally about what I see as some of their more important lasting contributions to the field of disaster research and the broader discipline of sociology. My treatment of these two topics will necessarily be selective and somewhat brief, as it would be impossible to cover in one short paper the full range of impacts these two prolific scholars have had on the development of the field’. Nevertheless, it is my hope that these remarks will in some small way demonstrate the continuing value of Dynes and Quarantelli’s lifelong work.
crisis event , natural disasters , individual response , organizational response