The Computer Based Information/Communication Revolution: A Dozen Problematical Issues And Questions They Raise For Disaster Planning And Managing

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
We are now in terms of world history in a time period of very rapid change. The social landscape and features of the 21st Century will be noticeably different from that in which we have lived much of this Century. The most important structures and activities of human life are drastically changing (Smelser 1991). Massive social changes are happening in the political, economic, familial, cultural, educational and scientific areas. For example, there are basic alterations occurring in the role and status of women along with the emergence of new family and household patterns, the growing diffusion and expanding use of applied social science to many areas of life, the globalization of popular culture, and the spread of at least nominal democratic patterns of government. These and the other changes will markedly affect the number and kinds of future disasters and also the planning and managing of them (Quarantelli 1996).
Disaster Planning , Disaster Managing , social changes