Emergency Preparedness Policy-Making: A Comparative Analysis Between California and Italy

Baldi, Brunetta
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Disaster Research Center
It is just a few years that emergency management has been discussed within the policy setting as an important hetion of government. For long time the "emergency issue" - the occuring of natural and man-made hazardous events that strike human life, property, and safety - had been faced with a "crisis-reactive" management approach' that would portray emergency as an exceptional contingency and provide an improvised response to the calamitous event when would occur. Recently a new conception of emergency management has developed, supported both by the findings of twenty years of disaster research and by a wider social awareness of the multitude of risks that modem society has to face nowadays.This new conception is based on a "problem solving" approach that implies day-to-day planning and activities4. This approach emphasizes those aspects of mitigation and preparedness that aim at preventing disastrous emergencies either by reducing the degree of risk or by developing capabilities to provide effective response to emergency.
Italy , California , public policy , emergency preparedness