Disaster Planning, Emergency Management, And Civil Protection: The Historical Development And Current Characteristics Of Organized Efforts To Prevent And To Respond To Disasters

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
This article discusses how societies and their subdivisions (particularly at the community level) organize themselves for protection against and response to disasters and related collective crises of a peacetime nature. Complicating our presentation is that there is not much agreement even on the label designating these social arrangements. While "civil protection" is a term widely used in Europe, in many other countries around the world, the organized efforts to cope with collective threats are called "emergency management" or "disaster planning." There is a substantial but not complete overlap in referent among these three terms. Also, we will specifically examine the relationship between the phenomena called "civil protection" and "civil defense," the last being a term first applied to nonmilitary preparations for civilian involvement in wartime situations.
Disaster , Societies , civil protection , emergency management , disaster planning