Patterns of Property Damage in the Los Angeles Unrest

Tierney, Kathleen J.
Reshaur, Lisa
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Disaster Research Center
The rioting that broke out on April 29, 1992 following the not-guilty verdict in the police brutality trial of the officers charged with beating Rodney King was one of the most deadly and damaging episodes of civil unrest in U.S. history. Although estimates vary, a total of 51 deaths and over 2,000 injuries were attributed to the unrest (Koehler, et al, 1993). Approximately 20,000 police, California Highway Patrol, National Guard, and military personnel were used to restore order in the Los Angeles City and County, and over 16,000 people were arrested. The disturbances lasted a shorter time than the 1965 Watts riot, but the geographic area covered was significantly larger, more people were killed and injured, more law enforcement personnel were mobilized, four times as many persons were arrested, and property damage was much greater.
property damage , civil unrest , Los Angeles , Rodney King