Sociopsychological Aspects Of Evacutating Or Sheltering Health Care Facilities In The Event Of A Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
It is sometime suggested in the disaster planning literature that rather than evacuating potential victims of a radiation fallout from a nuclear plant accident, they should instead be taught to take in-place sheltering. This issue is examined with respect to such health care facilities as hospitals and nursing homes. The focus is especially on the perceptions or social psychological factors that would be operative among the major social actors, namely the patients, their relatives, the staff members of the facilities, and other organizational personnel who would be involved in either of the two processes. The social science research literature on the matter collected at the Disaster Research Center was used to make an evaluation of the pros and cons of evacuating or sheltering. The data strongly points to the strong probability that there are far more plus than minuses on planning for evacuation than in-place sheltering.
Health Care Facilities , In-place Sheltering