The Socio-Cultural And Behavioral Context Of Disasters And Small Dwellings

Dynes, Russell R.
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Disaster Research Center
Social scientists are often at a disadvantage in interdisciplinary conferences for several reasons. Some of those disadvantages relate to the role which others perceive they should play and other disadvantages relate to style of presentation. First, in reference to style, social scientists, in general, do not use slides and other visual imagery in their presentations. The reasons for this are not clear. I have observed, however, that ineptness with slide projectors is rather universal and not discipline related. But sides to provide a sense of “hard” reality to audiences when words seldom do. Therefore, slides give the audience a sense of apparent truth which perhaps is not deserved. I am not suggesting that pictures distort truth, although they can, but I am suggesting that they can capture well physical reality but reveal little of social reality.
Socio-Cultural , Disasters , Small Dwellings