Seeing Lancaster county from a trolley window

Kriebel, H. W.
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The Express Printing Company: Lititz, Pennsylvania
The desire to acquire some knowledge of the history, present activities and natural scenery of Lancaster County induced the author to prepare these sketches for The Pennsylvania-German. The story was woven around the Trolley lines because these afford one of the most convenient and most economical modes of travel for the sightseer. It would obviously be impracticable to make mention of all the sources of information and courtesies shown, of which the writer availed himself. In addition to credits given in the text the author acknowledges his indebtedness to Rupp's History, Egle's History, Ellis and Evans' History, the publications of the Lancaster County Historical Society, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster Board of Trade, The Cones- toga Traction Company, The Express Printing Company, Mr. F. R. Diffenderffer, Mr. George Steinman, Mr. B. F. Saylor, Mr. C. N. Derr. The author hopes the perusal of these pages may afford the reader as much pleasure as their preparation did the writer and that a wider knowledge of the county, a deeper love for history and higher life aspirations may thereby be promoted. The Author
With supplementary biographical notes on Frederick Shoff. Reprinted from the "Pennsylvania-German."--Cf. introductory note. Includes index.
Lancaster County (Pa.) -- Description and travel