Threatened Buildings Documented in Delaware, 1999-2000: Jehu M. Reed House

Paulus, Emily
Sheppard, Rebecca J.
Dobbs, Kelli W.
Maclean, Sharon
Cathey, Jennifer A.
Puleo, Kevin
Killinger, Sarah
Breithaupt, Lindsey
Richards, Amy
Brossman, Romy
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The Jehu M. Reed House is significant on several accounts. 1 For more than 200 years, from 1685 through 1912, the property maintained an association with the Reed family, a well-known and prominent Central Delaware family. Constructed in 1771, the house was expanded in 1868 to both accommodate and express the lifestyle of Jehu M. Reed, an agricultural pioneer and benefactor whose advances and techniques in farming helped foster Delaware's peach and apple industry. Additionally, the house stands as an exemplary breed of rural Mid-Atlantic architecture that melds the original fabric of a Georgian structure with an Italianate/Victorian plantation house.
South Murderkill Hundred, Delaware , Kent County, Delaware , Georgian , Italianate , Brick dwelling , Flemish bond , 1771, Date of Construction