Working with HAZUS-MH

Croope, Silvana V.
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Disaster Research Center
This working paper serves as background research for the PhD dissertation titled “Managing Critical Civil Infrastructure Systems for Disaster Resilience: A Challenge.” The overall objective of this research is to develop a Decision Support System to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure. This involves the exploration of the potential impacts of natural disasters on infrastructure operation and management. This includes understanding the nature of operations and management, the data and tools to support decision making and an analysis of the consequences of failure or degraded operations and performance. This also includes the use of existing computational systems to develop a geographical context, civil infrastructure systems analysis, asset management systems, and insights into mitigation strategies to development the system. The model, referred to as the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Decision Support System (CIR ]DSS), used the concept of resilience to support infrastructure decision making using Systems Dynamics.
Computer Technology , Risk Analysis , Natural Hazards , Floods-General