Scoping Out Delaware's Role Role in Facilitating Business Travel as it Relates to the Wilmington Redevelopment Area, Wilmington Train Station, and New Castle County Airport

Franzen, Todd
Anderka, Sebastian
O'Donnell, Edward
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If the Wilmington Redevelopment Area is to continue as an economic engine for job growth, a growing source of tax revenue, and a marketable residential area, travel access is critical. The Institute for Public Administration (IPA) is completing a project to study how to best facilitate travel access to the Wilmington Redevelopment Area by regional rail and air. Specifically, the project is studying how to maximize business travel to the Wilmington Redevelopment Area via the New Castle County Airport and Wilmington Train Station—via north/south Amtrak trains and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) R2 train route from Newark to Philadelphia).
business , travel , Wilmington , Delaware , Redevelopment Area , Wilmington Train Station , New Castle County Airport , Amtrak , DART First State