A Case Study Analysis of the Relationship of Local Newspapers and Disaster Related Citizens Groups

Green, Kenneth E.
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Disaster Research Center
With the probable success of USA Today (a nationwide newspaper whose content consists primarily of extremely brief news items), one could speculated that the future of the newspaper will rest in the hands of a society unwilling to devote time to reading, and/or not interested in journalistic details of news events. If so, it is simple to hypothesize that he print media will lose its important role in society compared to other forms of present and emerging mass media technologies. However, the history of the newspaper industry suggests that such an assumption may be unwise, for other instances of evolution in the past have failed to produce the expected demise of diminution of the social functions of the print media. A review of the media-related literature about the development of post-industrial societies, the spread of the urbanization process, and the advent of radio and television, easily show how newspapers have successfully adapted to these events, and maintained an integral role in the American mass communication system.
mass communication , citizen groups , newspapers , grassroots organizations