Problems And Prospects Of Collaborative Cross-Cultural Disaster Reseach

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
First of all, i want to thank Dr. Matrevili for inviting me to this symposium. I am very gald to be here for two reasons. One is a a personal reason- this ysmposium will allow me to meet distinguished researchers and scholars I have heard or read about(such as Professor Geipel and Dr. Frey) ,but have never met. Such personal meetings will allow me to learn about studies and works that are new to me. But, the other reason I am glad to be here is a more professional one. An international symposium such as this one on disasters and accidents is important for what it symbolizes. It indicates we are moving beyond just talking about international cooperation in research. We are starting to move towards collaborative efforts in research and theory.
Disaster , Accidents , cross-cultural research