Delaware Teacher and Administrator Supply and Demand Survey Analysis

Raffel, Jeffrey A.
Eaton, Kristen E.
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Funded by the Delaware Department of Education (DOE), this report is the seventh in a series of analyses of teacher and, more lately, administrator demand and supply in Delaware. It reports the analysis of a survey of all 19 school district personnel directors and responses from several charter school personnel directors as a well as an analysis of data from the Delaware payroll system. This report charts the trends of teacher and administrator hiring, difficult-to-fill positions, late hiring, perceptions of the quality of new teachers, and other factors important to the success of the state’s public schools. As the significance of the role of teachers and administrative leaders becomes more apparent in Delaware, the importance of this series of studies increases. This study is an important part of this effort, as public education accounts for one-third of the state budget and is of great significance to the state economy and public.
Teacher , Supply , Administrator , Public Schools , Delaware , Charter Schools , Demand , Survey , Analysis , Statistics , Retention