Newspaper Conflict and Cooperation Content After Disaster: An Exploratory Analysis

Hannigan, John A.
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Disaster Research Center
In the immediate aftermath of a flood, tornado, hurricanes, or other natural disaster, it has been observed that there is a heightened enactment of mechanical solidarity and shared sentiment in the impacted community. Turner (1967) has argued that this enactment of solidarity is crucial in order to recreate the continued assurance of agreement on the priority of community values. Once this assurance is given, then a new and more effective division of labour can emerge in order to cope with the tasks created by the impact. Dynes and Quarantelli (1975) have identified seven factors associated with this apparent absence of conflict in the early stages of a disaster situation. These include the development of an emergency consensus, the levelling of social distinctions, and the strengthening of community identity.
disaster impact , newspaper , solidarity