Teacher Retention in the State of Delaware, 2001-2006

Solano, Paul
Tinsley, Alicia
McDuffie, Mary Joan
Condliffe, Simon
Raffel, Jeffrey
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The first part of the report examines various dimensions of teacher retention that are documented for the period from 2001 through 2006. By the use of extensive tabular display, teacher retention is reviewed by demographic characteristics for statewide and county comparisons. The second part of the evaluation involves an exploratory statistical analysis of factors that would account for newly hired teachers leaving public school teaching positions within the state from 2001 through 2006. This analysis allows for the separate and independent effect of each factor that is assessed. The analysis compares teachers who have left their teaching position (leavers: nonretirees) with teachers who have remained in their teaching position (stayers). Given the increasing recognition that effective and experienced teachers are a key to successful student achievement, this report provides a foundation for further consideration of retention rates and the factors that are related to teachers remaining in teaching positions in Delaware’s public schools.
a collaboration publication among the College of Human Services, Education & Public Policy's Health Service Policy Research Group, Center for Community Research and Service, Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research, and Institute for Public Administration
teacher , retention , Delaware , schools , newly hired