Anticipating 2025 in Northeast Corridor Transportation: Aerial, Highway, Marine, and Rail Technologies and Linkages

Warren, Robert
Anderson, William P.
Rodrigue, Jean-Paul
Wakeman, T. H., III
de Cerreño, Allison L. C.
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The dynamics and productivity of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) are recognized as key drivers of the United States’ economy as well as for the eastern part of the nation. Especially important, in this context, is the capacity of the NEC’s multimodal transportation system to efficiently move people and freight into, around, and out of the Corridor. This is especially important for its central portion linking Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. The papers that follow are written as part of a project undertaken by the University of Delaware’s Institute of Public Administration that focuses on the factors that will influence the likely attributes of the transportation infrastructure for moving people and freight into, around, and out of the NEC in 2025. Their goal is to provide one of the first steps in stimulating forward-oriented research, speculation, and planning and policy discourse that takes into account the likelihood that what will or should be the character and dimensions of the Corridor’s multimodal transportation structure two decades from now cannot be anticipated using straight-line, single modal projections.
The four papers featured in this report were presented at a policy forum on the University of Delaware campus in 2007.
Northeast Corridor , transportation , rail , air , marine , highway