Math Partnership Project Evaluation Year 4

Ackerman, Cheryl, M.
Uribe-Zarain, Ximena
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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
Through federal funding of a National Science Foundation grant, the Math and Science Education Resource Center has been implementing Delaware Secondary Mathematics Partnership Project, the goal of which is to help at-risk students by improving the instructional techniques of their teachers through a video-taping and critique process. Observations of teachers participating in the Math Partnership Project were conducted to determine how teaching techniques change over the school year. Staff from the Delaware Education Research and Development Center conducted 38 observations of math lessons during fall 2007 and 34 observations during spring 2008. Thirty teachers observed in spring were also observed in fall. The observations conducted included three main components: The design and implementation of the lesson, mathematics content, and elements of classroom culture. Results indicate improvement in some areas of instruction from fall to spring, and a decrease in performance in other areas. The highest overall performance is the classroom culture component. The area needing the greatest improvement is mathematics content.
Mathematics instruction