A Model for Isotropic Crystal Growth from Vapor on a Patterned Substrate

Khenner, M.
Braun, Richard J.
Mauk, M.G.
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Department of Mathematical Sciences
We developed a consistent mathematical model for isotropic crystal growth on a substrate covered by the mask material with periodic series of parallel long trenches where the substrate is exposed to the vapor phase. Surface diffusion and the flux of particles from vapor are assumed to be the main mechanisms of growth. A geometrical approach to the motion of crystal surface in two dimensions is adopted and nonlinear evolution equations are solved by finite-difference method. The model allows the direct computation of the crystal surface shape, as well as the study of the effects due to mask regions of effectively nonzero thickness. As in experiments, lateral overgrowth of crystal onto the mask and enhanced growth in the region near the contact of the crystal and the mask is found, as well as the comparable crystal shapes. The growth rates inveritcal and lateral directions are investigated.
selective epitaxy , vapor phase epitaxy , computer simulation